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From The Desk Of: Godswill Ohazuruike

Hello Friend

Thanks for visiting this web page, if you have been looking for an effective way to make money from the comfort of your home or offices via importation of Good's then read this little page from beginning to End.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me

First of all before i start, for the sake of those who doesn't know me let me introduce myself, am Godswill Ohazuruike an Internet/Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Expert, Website Designer and an Importer, I make my living practically online from affiliate marketing, information marketing, designing websites for my clients and importing Goods in medium scale from china and supplying them to retailers, All i do is based online and i run my business with the name Gurus Marketing Services duly registered with CAC with Reg No: IM5675 and we have offices in Rivers State and Abia State. You can know more about me by doing a google search on my name or company's name, you will find a load of details about me cause i have a well established online presence.

Back to the main reason why you are here. Am going to show you how i started up my importation business with just N10,000 and how you too can start up yours, i know it might sound a bit strange to you but am going to show you real live verifiable proofs on this website.

After several months of research, trials and errors i finally discovered how any Nigerian can start up an importation business with just a capital of N10,000 importing goods in small scale from china and reselling them at a more higher price here without even owning a shop or traveling to china, When i started my own importation business i started with N10,000 buying goods in small scale from china right from my home and once they arrive i supply them at a more higher price to the retailers in the local market here in Nigeria.

Introducing The Importers Report


The "Importers Report" is a comprehensive ebook written by me where i revealed the whole a-z secret on how to start importation business in Nigeria with a capital as low as N10,000 based on my experience doing this same business.

This ebook contains the step by step tutorial which anyone can apply and start buying goods in small scale from china and grow it up to a BIG scale importation business within few months of starting it.

This ebook is written to help a lot of unemployed graduates, house wife's, civil servants, bankers and every other one discover one of the business models in town that can make them additional Good cash, infact i have a lady banker friend working in one of the GTBank in Lagos that i taught this business and she is now importing Brazilian hairs, eye lashes and selling to her fellow workers, she makes over N10,000 per sale of hair and the amazing part of this is that she buys the hairs for just N7,000. I mean original Brazilian hairs. There a lot of things you can import, it doesn't matter if another person is importing the same product just go ahead and import yours cause both of you wont have the same buyers so don't say i wont buy this one cause some people might already be buying it.

The "importers Report" ebook also covers everything about determining the price range of a product, get to know how much a product sells here in the local market and how much it sells in the international market where you will be buying from in order to avoid losses.

Inside the Importers Report ebook you will also learn how to determine the quality of any product you want to buy before proceeding to order it, you will also learn how to make payment for your order without hassles and how to stay safe when making the payment.

How Real Is This Business?

Am sure you might be doubting how real and possible it is to start up an importation business with just N10,000. Lets see how real this is, am going to show you real life proof using some few items you can buy and resell here in Nigeria. take a look below



You see the jewelry above is sold for $4.28 which is N700 in Nigeria Currency, now when you buy 15 pc's of this jewelry you will get each for $4.07  which is N691 and the total price for the 15pcs is $61.05 which is N9,890 plus the shipping fee of $22.35 but don't worry yourself you are not going to pay the shipping fee as we will show you how to get rid of the shipping fee and let the supplier ship you the goods without charging you any shipping fee. you see that jewelry above you can sell each for over N2,000 here in Nigeria but you gets it for N691 in china, is that not a Good biz? Now check your profit and how much you will make if you order for more pc's using the profit.

Do you need more proofs? lets see the one below.


The one above is an Android Tablet PC and it is the latest craze in town now though still over costly down here in Nigeria, the one above cost $60.99 which is N9882 in our currency and you can buy 1 pc and resell it here for over N40,000. Personally sell it from N25,000 to N40,000 depending on the category of person am selling to, that's what i do and am still doing it and it is selling hot. Don't mind the shipping cost cause you wont pay it, in the "Importers Report" ebook you will learn how to get rid of the shipment fee and get the seller to bear the shipping cost for you. Guaranteed!.

I believe that you are now convinced on how real this business.

Inside the Importers Report ebook you will learn how to make every payment for your orders through Escrow Payment to avoid losing your money to anyone, you might ask what is Escrow payment? you can google it but let i have explained a little below.

What Will I Learn From This Report?

You might be asking yourself, what am i going to learn from this book though i have given a little informational above on what this ebook is all about and let me also list few things you will learn about in this guide.

  1. What To Buy 
  2. Where To Buy Them 
  3. How To Carry Out An Effective Market Research To Ascertain Prices and Who You Will Be Supplying To 
  4. How To Determine What Will Sell And What Will Not Sell 
  5. Where To Buy Your Goods 
  6. How To Determine The Quality Of A Product Before Buying 
  7. How To Over Ride The Shipping Cost and Gets The Supplier To Bear The Shipping Cost For You. 
  8. How To Avoid The Custom Guys 
  9. How To Make Payments For Your Products 
  10. E.t.c 

and lots more.

To be frank i have emptied my whole experience when it comes to importation in this book and every importer and anyone willing to be an importer needs a copy of this ebook and i have made it very affordable at a very small price compared to the value of knowledge you get herein..

Few Testimonies Of People Who Already Bought This Ebook

Here are few of the testimonies we received from some of our clients who bought this importers report, we didn't ask them for testimonials they sent this mails to us on their own.


Thank you Godswill for bringing this opportunity my way, i just want to tell you that i have made my first order and am expecting it. Your ebook is great.  

Olufemi, Port Harcourt


Just like i expected your book was the bomb, you never fails to disappoint. Keep it up brother and may God bless you for your good works in helping us.  

Emeka, Abuja


Sir, i don't know what to say but am growing richer by the day, all thanks to your ebook and support.  

Sandra, Owerri

Pictures From Our Importation Business Seminars 
On the 25th August 2012 we organized a seminar in Ikeja, Lagos State where we taught attendees the secret of starting importation business with as low as N10,000. Every of the secret in the Importers Report ebook are what we taught them, below are the pics. 
A cross section of attendants 
Another cross section of the attendees 
The one below is a picture of me imparting importation business knowledge into the attendees on a big projected screen on the wall. 
me and i 
A few people missed the 25th Workshop and i had to make out chance for them on the 26th where i also taught the same secret of starting importation business, below are the pix. 
Below are few Pictures From Our Seminar On Importation Business Which Held On 17th November 2012 At Lagos State. 
Cross Sections Of Attendants At The 17th November 2012 Seminar 
A Picture Of Me Listening To A Question Been Asked By An Attendant 
A Picture Of Me Lecturing At The Seminar 
me lecture 
The BIG Screen Used To Teach At The Seminar 
Limited Time Bonus 
If you order for the Importers Report Ebook, we will also give you a bonus ebook which contains the step by step instructions on how to shop from USA Stores and get your goods here in Nigeria, As You know that several USA Stores like Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com doesnt ship to Nigeria but we broke the jinx, once you get the Importers Report ebook you will also get a copy of the USA Shopping Guide which contains the pictorial step by step guidelines on how to buy from any USA Store and get your consignment sent to you here in Nigeria. 
Once you get the importers report ebook, you will not only learm how to start importing goods from China to Nigeria rather you will also learn how to import/shop from USA Stores and get your goods sent to you here in Nigeria. 

Do I Have Any Guarantee?     

You have my 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, if you buy this ebook and follow the tutorials and it didn't work you can request for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the ebook, we are giving this money back guarantee because we know what we are offering that it works perfectly cause is the same method i have been using to import my own goods from china and by buying this book you are entitled to a lifetime of free support incase you have any problem on any issue related to importing goods by using this guide kindly call or email me and i will help you out.

NOTE: When buying Goods from the source we will show you, you must make your payment via escrow in order to be on the safe side cause some sellers will might ask you to pay direct to them before the supply but never do it cause if you are doing it you are on your own and incase you lose your money don't say we didn't tell you but insist on using escrow and if the seller refuses kindly let go and look for other sellers. 

What Is Escrow Payment?

You might be wondering what is escrow so important to me, let me explain a bit about escrow payments, When making payment via escrow it simply means that you are not paying direct to the seller of the goods rather you are paying to a reputable company who will keep the money until the supplier ships the goods and you receive it, confirm the quality and then inform the escrow company to release the payments to the supplier and incase they goods ain't what you bought just request for a refund from escrow.

NOTE: Don't ever request for a refund when what you bought is what you received cause it will be investigated and you might lose credibility that no seller will be willing to sell to you again. Don't play too Smart.

So How Do I Get A Copy Of the "Importers Report"

Like I said earlier, this ebook has been made affordable so that anyone willing to join the train of online importers can get a copy of this book, so for just N5,000 you get access to this book that contains the complete knowledge you need to start your own importation business and you can get access to this book within 30 min's by following the instructions below.



Go to any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank or First Bank Plc and pay the sum of N5000 via Bank Deposit or Via Internet/Mobile banking transfer using the account details below.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Gurus Marketing Services

Account Number: 010-985-1371


Bank: First Bank Plc

Account Name: Gurus Marketing Services

Account Number: 202-717-6977

After payment, send an sms to 07032912565 or email sales@importersreport.com, and the body of the email or sms should contain the following:

1. Your Name

2. Email address

3. Payment Teller Number

4. Date Of Payment

5. Bank Branch Where Payment Was Made

And also state what you paid for by writing, "payment for importers report" or use it as the Subject of your message if you are sending in your details via email.

Once we get your payment details and confirmation from our Bank, we will send the ebook to the email you provided within 20mins from time we received your payment details and confirmation from our bank which doesn't take up to 20mins. 

You can as well make payment with your banks ATM cards which ranges from all naira mastercards and all interswitch by clicking the button below.


NOTE: All ATM card payments are processed via Interswitch platform

Once you place order for the Importers Report ebook using your ATM card you will be automatically redirected to the download page where you will download the ebook, so there is no need to send us your payment details.

If you need to contact me personally, use any of the following email: godswill@importersreport.com or mail@godswillohazuruike.com

Godswill Ohazuruike
President - Gurus Marketing Services